Choosing The Right Insurance

At American Option Insurance, You’ve got options! 
Please take the time to read through some of the choices below…


Homeowners Insurance.

Homeowner’s Insurance covers many things.  It is there to protect your liability in case there is an injury on your property.  It also protects damage to the structure or loss of home and your belongings inside.  Your financial institution will require a home policy be put in place to acquire a loan.  Each policy doesn’t protect against all natural disasters.  This is why we believe your household is unique and it is important to take the time to allow us to go over what is important to you and your family.

Auto Insurance.

With over 200M registered drivers on the road today, your family needs to be protected.  The phrase “I have full coverage” can mean many things.  We will make sure that you have the proper protection that is affordable to your household.  We like to break the coverage’s down into 3 main areas:

  1.  You (protecting you and your loved ones)
  2. Me (your liability when you are at fault)
  3. Auto (repairs/replacement/extra expenses)



Condo Insurance.

The condominium association typically covers the condominium building, commonly owned property, and liability insurance for the association under a Master Condominium Policy.  The interior of the property falls under the responsibility of the homeowner.  It will help cover such incidents as fire, theft, vandalism, or even wind.  The interior can consist of: (Drywall / Cabinetry / Flooring / Personal Property).  When it comes to personal property we recommend Replacement Cost as opposed to Actual Cash Value


Renters Insurance.

So you’ve decided to rent and figure that your landlord’s insurance policy will protect your belongings against fire, theft, wind, or water damage.  If this is the case lets talk about the inexpensive coverage that will help protect your liability and personal belongings against such incidents.


Boat Insurance.

Is it the open water or just the freedom to glide across without anybody around?  Your personal watercraft or boat is something that family and friends can enjoy alike.  We don’t want the fun to stop there because you aren’t protected.  You don’t want to be that boater that finds out their home policy isn’t protecting them after an accident.  Whether you are the casual boater or go out for sport, we will make sure the policy fits your needs


Motorcycle Insurance.

You get a different feeling when you’re on the open road riding your motorcycle.  Each time you feel that freedom below your feet, we want you to feel that security protecting you and your family.  Motorcycle insurance is affordable and helps protect you and your liability.


Flood Insurance.

Whether you are surrounded by a large body of water or have a river in your town, flood insurance helps protect your personal belongings and home against such a tragedy.  People need to understand that their home insurance isn’t there to protect against a flood.  We have all seen the damages caused by floods in different states over the last several years.  The Federal Government has set up the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  The NFIP creates a map of the country and divides each area into different “risk zones”.  From there, the rates and coverage’s are formed.  We recommend that you put your home into their site and see where it lies.

If your home lies in a special flood hazard area (SFHA), most mortgage companies will require you to carry a flood policy.  Even if you aren’t required to carry a flood policy your home and belongings could still be at risk.  Just because you don’t have a beach in your back yard doesn’t mean that with the right conditions or surroundings a flood can not occur.


Umbrella Insurance.

So you have heard about an umbrella policy but never thought it was for you.  It could have been because of the cost or the idea that you didn’t have anything to protect.  Well, the cost is minimal and the protection is worth it.  An umbrella policy provides additional liability insurance above your home, auto, and boat policies.  Umbrella insurance will kick in when the other policies limits are exhausted.