Personal Umbrella Insurance


What is umbrella insurance?

While many people have heard of personal umbrella insurance, not everyone is

sure of what it covers. Umbrella insurance provides you with additional liability

insurance above and beyond the coverage offered by your other insurance

policies, such as auto, boat, or motorcycle. It’s an effective and affordable way

to protect the financial well-being of you and your family.


Do I need umbrella insurance?

Maybe you have heard of personal umbrella insurance, but never thought it was

for you. It could have been because of the cost, or maybe it was the idea that

you didn’t have anything to protect. Well, the cost is minimal and the

protection is worth it. An umbrella policy provides additional liability insurance

above your home, auto, and boat policies. Umbrella insurance will kick in when

the other policies limits are exhausted.

No one plans on getting in an accident, but if you are involved in an accident,

you can be certain that a personal injury attorney is going to see an

opportunity. Personal umbrella insurance can give you the peace-of-mind you

need to concentrate on other things, and it can save you from significant

financial hardships should you ever become involved in litigation.


Situations change; so does the need for umbrella insurance

Maybe when you bought your original policy, you didn’t require an umbrella

policy, but as you and your family grow and change over time, your need for

umbrella insurance becomes more apparent. Many people are surprised to see

how quickly costs are incurred after an accident, and a simple phone call to

your insurance agent can give you the information you need to make an

informed decision.


How It Works:

An umbrella policy is going to cover claims from damages caused by you, a

family member, or even the household pet. You already have liability coverages

on your home, auto, and boat, but what happens when these limits run out? If

you’re at-fault and involved in a 4 car pileup on the freeway, and your limits

are $250,000 / $500,000, the umbrella will help protect your liability after the

auto policy is exhausted. The policies are relatively inexpensive and help give

you peace of mind.

Coverages Provided


Bodily Injury Liability:

Bodily Injury Liability will help protect you against claims arising from damages

to another person’s body. It will help cover medical bills or liability claims from

such incidents as:

• at-fault auto accidents

• injuries caused by your animal

• a slip and fall on your property


Property Damage:

Property damage coverage will help cover costs due to damaging another

person’s tangible property. Some examples are:

• damage to another vehicle or property resulting from an at-fault auto


• damage caused by your child to a neighbor’s home


Other damages:

Your personal umbrella policy will also offer you other areas of protection.

Examples of this include:

• mental anguish

• false arrest

• libel or slander


Where should I start?

Give us a call at 888-985-4032, and we’ll outline your options and help you

determine the best coverage for your needs. Umbrella insurance is a unique

product that offers a significant amount of protection and peace-of-mind at a

relatively low cost. You have options.