American Option Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast or an every day rider, motorcycle

insurance helps keep you on the road. Motorcycle insurance is a unique product

and is absolutely essential for protecting your property, liability, and financial


You get a different feeling when you’re on the open road riding your

motorcycle, and with that different feeling comes a different set of

considerations. A relatively minor accident can have very different outcomes

for a motorcyclist and an automobile driver. That’s why we always recommend

that you consider carefully which coverages you select.

Each time you feel that freedom below your feet, we want you to feel that

security protecting you and your family. Motorcycle insurance is usually very

affordable, and we can help you choose a policy that makes the best sense for

you and your unique situation. The following list will give you a good, basic

understanding of some of your options.


Types of motorcycle insurance coverage


Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability coverage will help insure you against certain damages

involving injury or death in an accident you caused. It can also assist in

providing you with a legal defense if another party in the accident files suit

against you. There are several different coverage options to choose from.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The Insurance Resource Council estimates that nearly 1 in 7 drivers on the road

don’t carry any insurance at all. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage can

help protect you and your passengers from those drivers on the road who are at

fault and are either without insurance or have coverage that isn’t sufficient.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage is a sound decision and has

become increasingly important as more and more drivers go without required



Property Damage

Property Damage coverage helps protect you against damages you cause to

someone else’s property while riding your motorcycle. It can also assist in

providing a legal defense if needed.



Collision coverage pays for covered damage to your motorcycle as a result of a

collision caused either by you or another driver.



Comprehensive coverage will include covered damages from anything outside

of the act of collision. Such coverages could offer protection from fire, theft,

vandalism, wind, or flooding.


Medical Payments / No Fault PIP

This can help protect you and your passengers from medical expenses arising

from an accident. Coverages will vary by state.


Accessories Coverage

If you carry collision and comprehensive coverage your policy can include

coverages for your accessories, coverage varies by state.



The discounts will vary by company but can include:

• Good Rider Discount

• Multiple Policy Discount

• Motorcycle Organizational Discount, such as membership in the American

Motorcyclist Association (AMA) or Harley Owners Group (HOG)

• Safety Course Discount


Other considerations


Guest passenger coverage

In some states, the passengers you carry on your motorcycle may not be

covered without the purchase of additional coverage. This coverage could

protect you from liability if a passenger you’re carrying is injured in an accident

you cause. It can also provide your passengers with additional coverages,

depending on the policy.


After market customization, parts, and/or equipment

Many riders love to customize their motorcycles with custom parts and

equipment. These modifications may require special or additional coverage.


Where should I start?

Give us a call at 888-985-4032, and we’ll outline your options and help you

determine the best coverage for your needs. Motorcycle insurance is a unique

product and can sometimes be combined with other coverages to become even

more affordable. You have options