memorial day

This year, Memorial Day falls on May 29, which is this Monday.

Most of us will celebrate way hitting ‘snooze’ in the alarm clock, sleeping in, and perhaps having a barbecue. Memorial Day has come to represent the unofficial start of summer, and most of us simply enjoy the day off. Some of us remember that it has something to do with the military, but relatively few remember the actual reason for the holiday.

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, “Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle.” Many of us confuse it with Veterans Day which is a day to honor all Veterans who served honorably in our armed forces.

So although it’s become somewhat of a celebration, Memorial Day is intended to be a solemn remembrance. We hope you’ll join us here at American Option in spending some time reflecting on the sacrifices made by those of us whop truly gave all they had in protecting this nation.