Labor Day

This was originally going to be a post about Labor Day and how Labor Day is the end of summer.

But, Hurricane Harvey hit, and plenty of communities – plenty of people – in Texas are still hurting. And now the precise date to stop wearing white doesn’t seem so important.

If you’re able to help out Texas, that would be good. Just like it would be good if you could help out the people affected by fires in LA or Montana or dozens of other places. It’s tough out there, sometimes, and we could all use the help.

You can help yourself, though, and that might be the best thing to do. Most people affected in the Texas flooding didn’t have flood insurance. It’ll be tough for them to be made whole. Plenty of people affected by disasters don’t have the coverage they need.

If you’re not sure about your coverage, give us a call. Stay safe, stay protected, and stay informed.