Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day, from all of us here at American Option Insurance!

Today, we celebrate all the people who do the work of dads throughout the year, and that’s generally a lot of work (the “dad jokes” alone take up an incredible amount of time). Once one becomes a dad, the whole world seems to change. The days get shorter, the years go by more quickly, and the center of the universe shifts from ‘you’ to ‘him’ or her.’ A lot of dad’s time is spent trying to figure out how to make life better for the person (or persons) who helped fatherhood happen.

A surefire, non-glamorous, totally effective way to do this is to buy insurance. It’s nothing you need to do specifically on Father’s Day, but Father’s Day is a good day to consider all that you’ve done and all that you provide. Insurance helps keep that in place, even if something happens to you. You might even be surprised at just how affordable it can be.

So, dads – take the day and enjoy yourselves. Tomorrow, consider giving us a call and seeing what we can do for you and, more specifically, your family.