American Option Auto Insurance

With over 200M registered drivers on the road today, your family needs to be protected.  The phrase “I have full coverage” can mean many things.  We will make sure that you have the proper protection that is affordable to your household.  We like to break the coverage’s down into 3 main areas:

  1. You (protecting you and your loved ones)
  2. Me (your liability when you are at fault)
  3. Auto (repairs/replacement/extra expenses)


Coverage Options 


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM)
This is one of the most important coverage’s to carry.  With rising costs there are far too many drivers on the road without insurance or only carrying the state minimum.  For this reason alone we recommend that each family have UM limits of at least 100/300.  This is for your pain and suffering caused by another motorist.

Medical Payments Coverage
Med Pay covers medical expenses to you and your passenger’s injured in an accident.  The coverage can also protect you as a pedestrian that’s injured from another vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
This helps cover your costs no matter who’s at fault.  It isn’t required or available in all states.  It will help cover medical, loss of income, loss of service, and funeral expenses.  The amount of coverage will also vary by state.


Liability Coverage (BI & PD)
Bodily Injury covers others when you the insured are at fault.  It protects your liability up to the limits stated in your policy against bodily injury, loss of income, or death.  In the event of an accident you want coverage’s that protect your assets against judgments from a lawsuit caused by you or your family.
Property Damage covers you if your vehicle damages someone else’s property.  It would typically be another motorist’s vehicle but it could be a home, store front, or fence for example.
We recommend a minimum coverage of 100/300 for (BI) & 100k (PD)


This protects your auto after an accident that involves a collision with another vehicle or object.  It will pay for repairs less your deductible up to the actual cash value of your automobile.

This covers your vehicle for anything that is other than collision.  It will pay for repairs less your deductible for such incidents such as fire, theft, vandalism, and wind.

Towing & Labor
It will help reimburse your costs from using a towing service or basic roadside help.

Rental Car
This helps cover costs of using a rental car after an accident while repairs are being made to your vehicle.


With the changing costs in today’s world we make sure you get all the discounts available to you and your family.  Below are some of the discounts that will be available on your policy:

  • Multi-Policy
  • Low Mileage
  • New Car
  • Good Student
  • 55 & retired
  • Passive restraint
  • Anti Theft
  • Anti Lock
  • Other areas of discounts will come from your past driving record along with the coverage’s you currently carry, your insurance score, and length of coverage.

Our promise to you 

You and your family will grow and change over time, and your auto insurance coverage needs will change and grow with your family. As you’re determining your need for coverage and protection, we will be there with you every step of the way. We’ll outline your options, explain each product and feature to your satisfaction, and get you the best coverage and best price possible.


Where should I start? 

Give us a call at 888-985-4032, and we’ll outline your options and help you determine the best coverage for your needs. Auto insurance is an absolutely essential piece of coverage, and it doesn’t have to be confusing. You have options.